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Standard and Guidance
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These pages provide additional guidance referred to in the relevant section of the Woodland Carbon Code.  This guidance should be used  to ensure that the requirements of the Code are met.

1. Eligibility

1.1 Key project dates

1.2 Eligible activities

1.3 Eligible land

1.4 Compliance with the law

1.5 Conformance with the UK Forestry Standard

1.6 Additionality

2. Project governance

      2.1 Commitment of landowners and project/ group managers

2.2 Management plan

2.3 Management of risks and permanence

2.4 Consultation

2.5 Monitoring

2.6 Registry and avoidance of double counting 

2.7 Carbon statements and reporting

3. Carbon sequestration

3.1 Carbon baseline

3.2 Carbon leakage

3.3 Project carbon sequestration

3.4 Net carbon sequestration

4. Environmental quality

5. Social responsibility


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Last updated: 21st June 2018

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!! Version 2.0 Standard and Guidance published !!

All documents submitted to validators/verifiers should now be on the new (Version 2.0) documents.

Woodland Carbon Code
Woodland Carbon Code:  The Standard Version 2.0 March 2018

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