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Tree Top Way

Families on the Tree Top trail at Salcey forest.Children at the lookout platform on the Tree Top trail at Salcey forest.






The Tree Top Way rises to 15 metres above the woodland floor, with a crow’s nest platform at 20 metres reached by steps. The structure offers stunning views across Salcey Forest and the adjoining woodlands of Yardley Chase.

The structure provides you with a totally different perspective – a bird’s eye-view. If you feel it wobble and bounce, don’t worry, it is designed that way! It is also accessible for wheelchairs at 1.5 metres wide, with a gradient of just under 1:10, and there are resting points every 24 metres.

Up to 3 metres above the ground, the Tree Top Way is made from green oak cut from Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified and sustainably managed local Northamptonshire woodlands. Above 3 metres, the sub structure is steelwork, using radio mast bridge technology. The project also used innovative stress-laminated bridge technology. Both techniques were pioneered by Forest Civil Engineering in Scotland.

**PLEASE NOTE: Dogs are welcome on the Tree Top Way, but we kindly request that they remain on leads whilst on the walk-ways**.

Last updated: 20th June 2017

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