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Project 5: Unlocking land-use change

None of this will have any impact unless land-owners and managers decide to create woodland on the land they control.

What do we need to change about the conditions at the moment?

We need to make woodland creation an additional choice for landowners and managers for how they manage their land.

There are 1,130,000ha of woodland in England, 9% cover.  Increasing this to, say, 12% woodland cover by 2060 would mean 375,000ha of additional woodland.  This amounts to 5% of the low grade agricultural land that is free of planting constraints.  We need to know more about how much land is potentially available as landowners and managers make their choices.

What are we doing about it with this project?

Working out how what triggers landowners and managers to make choices to change land-use to woodland creation, how much land could become available due to these choices and where and how to target our efforts to unlock land-use change.

Key output of the project Date expected Further information
Evaluation of needs from landowner perspective, market segmentation from an owner perspective.    
Analysis of land use policies of current land holding institutions. August 2011  
Analysis of how much land becomes available for land-use change, the circumstances, and where. August 2011  The Exeter report








Pilot projects, workshops etc Further information
South West landowners and managers perspectives workshops Getting landowners and managers together to assess whether what we are doing enables them to take choices to create woodland, workshops to start in Sept. 2011.
Exmoor National Park Low Carbon Landscape Supporting a partnership to take forward a community benefit approach to low carbon living, where woodlands play a central role, see Sustainable Exmoor
Neroche The Blackdown Hills Trust on the border between Devon and Somerset is running a series of projects working with the Forestry Commission's Neroche Scheme: encouraging woodland creation, improving woodfuel supply from existing woodlands and integrating it into the local economy, and gauging the value of trees and shrubs for storing carbon.












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