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Project 4: Making woodfuel and local timber happen

Supporting the development of woodfuel businesses and local timber markets, so that they improve the economics of woodland creation and bring more woodland into sustainable management.

What do we need to change about the conditions at the moment?

We need to provide landowners and managers with ways of getting an earlier and bigger financial return on the initial investment in woodland creation.  Generally speaking, at the moment the return does not happen for 30 or more years - when the first significant volumes of timber can be harvested.  Also, for some types of otherwise very valuable woodland, the conventional financial returns are low or non-existent.  We need to enable landowners and managers to harness the potential of woodfuel and local timber production to provide a market for woodland products that will improve the finances of woodland creation and bring more woodland into sustainable management.

What are we doing about it with this project?

Coordinating actions to stimulate security of supply and demand for woodfuel and other timber products, and giving landowners and managers the tools they need to take opportunities arising from these new local markets.  Via the Woodland Carbon Task Force we are taking on the key catalytic actions, which will be developed and expanded on in the Woodfuel Implementation Plan

Key output of the project Date expected Further information
Simple guide to woodland management for woodfuel and timber. March 2012  Forestry for woodfuel
Examples of secure woodfuel and local timber supply contracts from private woodlands. March 2012
Model bankable heat supply contracts for woodfuel businesses. March 2012  








Pilot projects, workshops etc. Further information
South West Ward Forester project Devon County Council and Forestry Commission helping clusters of woodland owners cooperate on woodfuel supply.

North Kent Woodfuel Pilot

Stimulating local markets and supply chains for woodfuel and timber, enabling woodland owners to bring their own woods into management, integrate woodland into wider land-based businesses, and stimulate more interest in woodland creation.

Kent Woodfuel Market (article)

Kent Downs Woodfuel Pathfinder (blog)












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