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Project 3: Policy that supports woodland creation

Establishing broad agreement about the amount, type and location of woodland creation that is desirable and a map based tool to enable people to define this.

What do we need to change about the conditions at the moment?

There is wide-spread agreement that more woodland creation is a good idea but we need to further develop the ‘where, why and how’ and enable people to decide the kinds of woodland creation that they want in different local circumstances.  We need to set a national direction of travel that will result in “the right tree, in the right place, for the right reasons”.

What are we doing about it with this project?

Milestone/product Date expected Further information
A policy position statement on woodland creation 2012/13

Subject to the Independant Panel on forestry

A map-based tool to enable informed debate about where and how much woodland creation is best February 2012  Known as the Woodland Potential Calculator. Being piloted in regions report due February 2013
A spatial resource to help target woodland creation to where it can deliver most benefit March 2012  
Evidence based planting targets for the contribution of woodland to reducing carbon emissions 2012/13

Subject to the Independant Panel on Forestry




Pilot projects, workshops etc Further information
Workshop on the map based tool for woodland creation at Woodland Initiatives Network Conference: March 2011  
North West Woodland Creation Manifesto

Gaining consensus on the nature and location of an ambitious new woodland creation programme. Then enabling business, land managers, and civil society to deliver it

A Forestry Manifesto for England's Northwest

Cumbria pilot

North Northamptonshire Carbon Sink Forestry (NNCSF)

The River Nene Regional Park, a local community interest company promoting green infrastructure is looking at how the planning system can promote and fund woodland creation.

The River Nene Regional Park Partnership

Carbon Sink Report

NNCSF Corporate event

Event bringing local business leaders together to discuss the development of an investment product to support expansion and regeneration of Rockingham Forest

Rockingham Forest for Life


Woodland Potential Consultation

The Woodland Carbon Task Force acknowledges the hard work that individuals and organisations have put into responding to the woodland potential consultation. The results rightly recognise that some areas of the country have little potential for new woodland planting. We welcome the identification of areas of the country where there may be significant potential for woodland creation. In most National Character Areas, there has been an overwhelming view that native woodland should be created – for the range of purposes laid out in the consultation document. While the response has been gratifying, the Task Force feels that responses from a broader range of organisations and more individuals with strong views to allow us to evaluate where we need to focus our efforts to achieve the aspiration for a more wooded landscape as laid out by the Independent Panel on Forestry. We welcome the collation of initial results and the decision to keep the consultation open as a forum for future discussion of woodland potential consultation. We hope that more organisations and individuals will feel able to provide a direct response to the main consultation question, using the simplified framework that has been developed by the Forestry Commission.   


Mark Broadmeadow
Policy and Programme Manager, Climate Change
Forest Services, Forestry Commission England

Tel: 01483 326204


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