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Project 1: Assurance of carbon standards

Providing a framework that recognises and gives confidence in the carbon savings associated with woodland creation and management.

What do we need to change about the conditions at the moment?

We need to further improve confidence in woodland carbon projects and ensure that their contribution to meeting national carbon reduction targets is recognised. We also need to clarify how reporting the carbon savings works for businesses and investors and explain the complex way in which international standards for forest carbon projects do, or do not apply in the UK.

What are we doing about it with this project?

Developing standards and clarifying how to report carbon savings from woodland creation.


Date  expected   

Further information

Launch the Woodland Carbon Code, setting standards for woodland carbon projects.

July 2011

Carbon code

The Code was launched on 27 July 2011.

Changes to Greenhouse Gas Reporting guidance allowing companies to report the carbon benefits of investment in UK woodland creation.

July 2011

Measuring and Reporting Environmental Impacts

The changes went live on 27 July 2011.

Launch of UK Carbon Reporting Framework (initiative from BRE and Forum for the Future.

August 2011

UK Carbon Reporting Framework

Launched 19/09/2012

Launch Forestry and Climate Change Guidelines in the UK Forestry Standard

October 2011

UK Forestry Standards and Guidelines series

Published 3/11/2011



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Policy and Programme Manager, Climate Change
Forest Services, Forestry Commission England

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Last updated: 31st January 2018