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Benefits to Landowners

  • Income:  New woodlands which meet the standards set out in the Woodland Carbon Code could provide an alternative to agricultural income, with the future possibility of  
    • Additional income upfront to help with the establishment of the woodland
    • Future income from the carbon sequestered in the woodland
    • Future income from timber products from sawlogs to woodfuel
  • Credibility:  Independent verefication provides crediblity to your project.
  • Reassurance:  For you and your customers that the carbon you claim will be sequestered, actually will be.
  • Woodland creation projects are sustainable projects which not only sequester carbon but also provide a range of social and environmental benefits such as:
    • Benefits to wildlife and biodiversity
    • Opportunities for varied recreation
    • Enhance the local landscape or restore degraded landscapes 
    • Provide shelter for animals or humans depending on location
    • Provide a source of woodfuel as an alternative to fossil fuels 
    • Provide timber which can then also continue to store carbon in long-lasting timber products
    • Protect water and soils
    • Regulate temperature in urban areas
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Last updated: 17th June 2015