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Trees, people and the built environment

PDFs of each individual paper from the ICF Urban Trees Research Conference, 13-14 April 2011 are available to download below:

Front cover and prelims (PDF, 854KB)

Using urban forestry research in New York City - Matthew Wells (PDF, 143KB)
Measuring the ecosystem services of Torbay’s trees: the Torbay i-Tree Eco pilot project - Kenton Rogers(PDF, 172KB)
A framework for strategic urban forest management planning and monitoring - Philip van Wassenaer(PDF, 153KB)
Results of a long-term project using controlled mycorrhization with specific fungal strains on different urban trees - Francesco Ferrini(PDF, 204KB)
Fundamentals of tree establishment: a review - Andrew Hirons (PDF, 382KB)
Fifteen years of urban tree planting and establishment research - Gary Watson(PDF, 409KB)
Exploring the role of street trees in the improvement and expansion of green networks - Norman Dandy(PDF, 188KB)
Promoting wellbeing through environment: the role of urban forestry - Kathryn Gilchrist(PDF, 167KB)
Flourishing trees, flourishing minds: nearby trees may improve mental wellbeing among housing association tenants - Adam Winson(PDF, 238KB)
The use of trees in urban stormwater management - Elizabeth Denman (PDF, 153KB)
Quantifying the cooling benefits of urban trees - Roland Ennos (PDF, 123KB)
Advances in utility arboriculture research and the implications for the amenity and urban forestry sectors - Dealga O’Callaghan (PDF, 277KB)
Challenges and problems of urban forest development in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - Eyob Tenkir Shikur (PDF, 418KB)
Innovations in urban forest governance in Europe - Cecil Konijnendijk (PDF, 128KB)
Governance and the urban forest - Anna Lawrence (PDF, 188KB)
Does beauty still matter? Experiential and utilitarian values of urban trees - Herbert Schroeder (PDF, 130KB)
Urban trees and the green infrastructure agenda - Martin Kelly (PDF, 1.1MB)
‘Natives versus aliens’: the relevance of the debate to urban forest management in Britain - Mark Johnston (PDF, 480KB)
Strategies for exploring urban futures in, and across, disciplines - Robert MacKenzie (PDF, 330KB)
Community participation in urban tree cover in the UK - Mike Townsend (PDF, 143KB)
Investigation into the interactions between closed circuit television and urban forest vegetation in Wales - Stuart Body (PDF, 198KB)
A review of current research relating to domestic building subsidence in the UK: what price tree retention? - Stephen Plante (PDF, 569KB)

Closing address and appendices (PDF, 933KB)