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Grant payments

When claims are approved, we will pay the person agreed in the grant contract. All EWGS and Farm Woodland payments are paid via BACS, and we will send a single remittance advice summarising the payment details. Bank statements will record the entry FORESTRY COMM. The remittance does not have to be sent to the payee – it will be sent to the person agreed in the grant contract. You will need to amend your grant contract if you need to change:

  • The payee details (the nominated bank account for payments to be made to);
  • The remittance advice recipient (the address that is provided under payee in your contract).

Please note that the payee details (bank account) and remittance recipiant do not need to be the same person.


Grant remittance advice can be sent to whoever the contract holder wishes. If you would like your grant remittance advice to be sent to someone different please contact your Regional Office (PDF 48kb).

Please see the example of a remittance advice for guidance on the information included. Sample remittance advice (PDF 159kb).

EWGS Contracts have been amended to include the following text on the Payment Details page of the contract to help make who the remittance is sent to clearer:

'Payee:This is the name and address for the payment remittance advice, this payee information can be different to the payment details section below.'

Annual grant payments

Farm woodland and Woodland Management Grant payments are made every autumn, normally between mid October and mid November, though it depends on when the Rural Payments Agency tells us we can proceed with payments.
Even where the FC holds valid bank details, there are a variety of reasons why individual payments may be delayed:

  • 2009 or an earlier years claim form not yet received;
  • prior years payments incomplete;
  • changes to, or incomplete, Rural Land Register data;
  • land-use cross-check failure against other RDPE scheme or Single Payment Scheme;
  • outstanding inspection issue;
  • day to day amendment such as succession;
  • no Single Business Identifier (SBI).
Last updated: 31st January 2018