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Woodland Carbon Code contact details

UK Management Team:

Pat Snowdon           Advisor                           07881 954837

Vicky West              Advisor                           07976 774613

Bruce Auchterlonie    Implementation Officer       07500 030556  



Country Contacts

Scotland                      Maida Ballarini              0300 067 6403

England                        Mark Broadmeadow     0300 067 5625

Wales                          Tom Jenkins           0300 067 5774

Northern Ireland             Stuart Morwood 

Regional Contacts - Scotland

Highlands and Islands      John Risby

Grampian                       Ian Cowe

Perth and Argyll              David Anderson

Central Scotland             Virginia Harden

South Scotland              Iain Laidlaw

Regional Contacts - England

North West                    Jim O'Neill

Yorkshire & North East     Richard Pow

West Midlands                Paul Webster

East Midlands and East    Neil Jarvis

South West                   Mark Prior

South East                    Matthew Woodcock

Last updated: 17th November 2017