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Key Stage 3 & 4

Trees for life- sustainable sheltersChildren working together to build a den

Come to Delamere and test your building techniques to see whether you could survive in the forest. Learn about how trees can be used to help people and work as a team to make a camouflaged, waterproof shelter. Trees for life is great as a team-building activity for Year 7.
QCA: Design &Technology 1a-d, 2a-e, 3a-c, 4a,b, 5b, English 2a,b, 3a,b, PSHE 1a-c, Citizenship 1a-c.
Suitable for: Key stage 3
Time: 2 hours  


Students will learn skills to survive in the forest. Choose from: survival shelters, fire lighting, woodland crafts and tool use.                          Suitable for: All Key Stage 3                                                           Time: 2 hours                



Delamere Office

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