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Early Years

Ranger with children showing of their masks at a Butterfly Ball event.The forest provides an inspiring setting for our youngest visitors to become aware of and engaged in the natural environment whilst exploring the secrets and wonders of the forest. 


Scavenger Hunt
The children scavenge for the wonderful natural items that are found in our forest. Fun activities such as colour palate, rainbow chips and touches allow the children to explore the amazing colours, shapes, and textures the forest provides whilst using their senses.

                                   Child and mother hunting for mini beasts                                                                                Minibeast Hunt                                                                                               The children will learn about the habitats within the forest. They will look under logs and through leaf litter learning about the minibeasts that call the forest their home.


Animal Homes
The children learn all about animals and their homes as we go on a hunt for different size holes and nests. The children then hunt for their own forest animal and create a home for them out of the natural forest floor items they collect from the forest floor.

Forest Art                                                                                               Making clay faces at a forest school           
Let the children’s imaginations run wild creating natural art pieces and sculptures based on the work of famous environmental artist Andy Goldsworthy. The children learn all about shapes, patterns and colours in this fabulous programme.  This activity is best in the Autumn when the children can use the colourful leaves to produce their art.  Lots of other natural arty activities using a range of materials are included in this programme.



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