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Thames Basin Forest Design Plan

Ref:  019/6/06-07

The Forestry Commission has approved plans submitted by Forest Enterprise for for work within the woodlands in the Thames Basin owned or leased by the Forestry Commission. 

You may still view the approved Habitat Restoration and Felling map and Future Habitats maps for each of the individual woods

Introduction Thames Basin Design Plan (pdf:4121kb)

Appendix 1 – Additional Information (pdf:3286kb)                   
Bramshill Plantation, Heath Warren and Warren Heath Maps (pdf:3171kb)
Eversley Common and Yateley Heath Maps (pdf: 3051kb)
Gorrick Plantation and Crowthorne Wood Maps (pdf:3426kb)
Appendix 2 – SSSI Citations (pdf: 1801kb)

Last updated: 24th June 2017