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Woodland Birds Grants

A MALE REDSTART PERCHED ON A LICHEN COVERED TWIG NORTH SCOTLAND REGION.There are several areas of support we can offer in the Woodland Birds Project area:

  • Woodland Planning Grant - we would contribute towards the planning of a management plan with this grant.
  • Woodland Assessment Grants -This grant contributes towards assessment in relation to the woodland size and sensitivties.
  • Woodland Management Grants - Are available to support management needs of exisiting woodlands. Specifically for the Woodland Bird Project, the management work includes; protection of the woodland resource, soil and ground water protection,woodland light management, open space management, management of veteran trees, maintenece of woodland boundaries, controlling non-native species and management of the impacts of deer. This grant is paid in five annual instalments.
  • Woodland Improvement Grant - Operations in existing woodland can be supported via Woodland Birds WIG80 grant. This offers an 80% contribution towards work that improves habitat for woodland birds, this could include preserving dead trees to provide natural nest sites; thinning; coppicing; controlling grazing, creating glades, ride widening and other operations including supervision costs.

All EWGS applications will be dealt on a first come, first served basis, so we would encourage you to make an early application in order to be successful.  All of our grants are currently available and will remain open until they are fully subscribed.

For up to date information on grants see our grants page.