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Solar photovoltaic system

Renewable energy

High Lodge is now very environmentally friendly with two types of solar panels which are both on the roof of the main building and on the toilet block.

  • Photovoltaic panels (PV)
  • use the energy from the sun to produce zero carbon electricity. Making High Lodge into its very own roof top power station
  • Solar thermal panels
  • also take their energy from the sun and convert it to heat to provide hot water.
  • Both sets of panels are harnessing the suns energy and helping us reduce carbon emissions.
  • It is expected that the system will produce over 11,000kWh of electricity and save CO2 emissions of over 6,000kg

This is a project which is not only happening at High Lodge. Earlier this year solar panels were also installed at Shirehill Depot in Rockingham Forest and at Top Lodge Café and shop in Fineshades Wood.

More detailed information of the systems can be obtained from


Last updated: 29th February 2016

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