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Wildlife at Grizedale


Red deer stag

Grizedale is home to a range of wonderful wildlife, from interesting insects to rare mammals and beautiful birds.

From lifting up a leaf to look at the insects scurrying underneath, to watching a red kite soar above the trees, the forest is a wonderful place for wildlife watching all year round.

Roe deer  In Grizedale we have the only remaining indigenous Red Deer herd in England, we also have Roe Deer within the forest, they are much smaller than the Red's often only the size of a large dog.  During the summer months the Doe's (female Roe deer) and the Hind's (female Red Deer) will be having kids and calves respectively, therefore they may not be seen so frequently around the forest until the rut, which occurs at the end of August until October.  When the Buck's and Stag's will be fighting it out for breeding rights.  The Buck's call sounds like a bark but the Stag has a deeper longer bellow.


Grizedale red kite chick side onRed Kites were reintroduced into Grizedale Forest in the summer of 2010, as part of a three year programme.  The first release was of 30 chicks in August 2010, followed by a similar release in 2011 before the final one in 2012.

Female Tawny owl

The forest is home to a number of Tawny Owls. Over the last 15 years one of our Wildlife Rangers has carried out a Tawny Owl Nest Box survey. 

SMALL PEARL- BORDERD FRITLLARYBrant Wetlands near the Visitor Centre is a great place to see butterflies and dragonflies.  Such as Small Pearl Frittillary, Peacock, Meadow Browm, Comma, Small Tortoiseshell.

In the summer whilst the many tarns (small areas of water) scattered across the forest attract other species to drink such foxes and badgers.


Last updated: 28th August 2017

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