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Using Woodfuel Boilers

Businesses, councils and community organisations are installing boilers to use local woodfuel for heating, while reducing their carbon emissions.

The capital cost of biomass heating systems is higher than fossil fuel but woodfuel costs are often lower than oil and other types of fossil fuels. This offers an opportunity for the capital investment to be recouped through ongoing annual fuel savings.

UK boiler suppliers can answer your questions on technology, design, installation and servicing boilers. Accurate design of the fuel delivery and storage is essential to ensure a smooth running system and save costs.

The Carbon Trust has published a guide for potential users of biomass heating equipment.

The Forestry Commission is sponsoring the Renewable Energy Association (REA) to conduct an annual survey of biomass heat boilers in the UK. The installed capacity for England from the 2008 survey was 364 MW.  Results for the 2009 survey are due in November and will be available on the Renewable Energy Association website.

Installation of more boilers (preferably in off-gas areas) will provide the necessary market pull to bring more woodfuel to market. The vast majority of woodfuel systems are heat-only boilers and do not produce electricity. Some Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units exist in England but tend to be of a larger scale (over 4 MW).

Last updated: 11th July 2017