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Grants and Support for Woodland Owners

Over 80,000 people own woodlands in England; either as part of a working farm or estate, as an investment, or simply as a place to visit. Take a look at our 'So you own a Woodland' guide to learn more about owning a woodland.

The Forestry Commission can provide advice to woodland owners on grants and regulations, including the need for a felling licence, through our team of dedicated woodland officers. Contact your
local Forestry Commission office for more information.

Woodland management grants

Funding is available for a variety of activities including woodland planning, management, improvement and woodfuel production.

For further information regarding the English Woodland Grant Scheme, or Felling Licence Regulations please contact your 
local Forestry Commission office: Our woodland officers may be able to visit you and/or provide a list of forestry agents who can help produce a management plan for you.

Alternatively you can find out more by visiting our English Woodland Grant Scheme pages.

For Forestry Commission Office contact numbers see our Contact us page.

Last updated: 31st January 2018