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Machinery Contacts

The following is a list of machinery distributors, second hand forestry machine dealers and manufacturers.  Their presence on this list does not imply any form of recommendation or support.  The list does not cover the larger machinery such as harvesters and forwarders.  Woodfuel grade woodchippers are not comprehensively covered as the listing has concentrated on the firewood supply chain.

As this list is no longer actively maintained all text other than the links has been removed. The links have been checked to be working at July 2013

The information is split into the following categories:

Machinery Distributors

The website for each manufacturer is in the section - Machinery Manufacturers

Caledonian Forestry Services Ltd     Auchterarder, Perthshire
CF Machinery     Corwen, Denbighshire

Davis Implements Ltd

Fuelwood (Warwick) Limited
          Beausale, Warwick

Jas P Wilson
Dalbeattie, Scotland

Joe Turner Equipment Ltd
   Coughton, Warwickshire

Jonathan Latham Forestry Equipment
  Edenbridge, Kent
Lamberhurst Engineering Limited  Lamberhurst, Kent

Marshall Agricultural Engineering   Hartfield, East Sussex

M Large Tree Services Ltd
  Co. Antrim

Riko UK
 Kingsley, Hampshire

Saws UK
    Heathfield, East Sussex

TCR Associates Ltd

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Second Hand Machinery Dealers

NB: Most Distributors also deal in second hand machinery


Mason's Secondhand Chippers

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Machinery Manufacturers


ATIKA  Germany

DALEN   Norway



Fuelwood (Warwick) Limited

Igland AS
  Grimstad, Norway


           Vendee, France

SERRA  Germany

Westtech   Austria


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Other Links

The South East regional wood trades directory

The Forestry Journal includes machinery reports and sales:

Reports on New Equipment and Techniques are regularly produced by the Technical Development Branch of Forest Research. They are useful to improving the efficiency or effectiveness of woodland management, e.g. Small-scale systems for harvesting woodfuel products. Some of these reports are available to be downloaded and others can be purchased.

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Last updated: 24th June 2017