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Timber Security

The Forestry Commission and the Timber Trade take the theft of timber very seriously. The loss of timber by theft is a matter of concern to all those with a financial interest in roundwood harvesting operations in Forestry Commission forests and woodlands. The Forestry Commission and its staff, timber purchasers, and harvesting contractors, all stand to lose as a result of the dishonesty of others. The nature of the product, methods of sale, and the working environment all combine to create a situation where theft is possible and potential losses can be significant.

The aim of this booklet is to provide Forestry Commission staff with guidance on avoiding and detecting theft in the forest and on the action they need to take when it is discovered. A process of risk assessment and management is outlined, detailing procedures that staff should follow to minimise the risk of theft and react effectively in the event of it happening.

It is the Forestry Commission’s intention with this booklet to minimise the risk of theft, not to encourage prosecution.