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Tree Safety Management

The management of tree safety is an integral part of the Forestry Commission’s role as a landowner and occupier, and is included under the Forestry Commission's duty of care which is part of health and safety law. Importantly, the Forestry Commission must also continue to recognise the wider social value and benefit that trees and woodlands provide. This guidance therefore promotes a responsible attitude to managing the risk Forestry Commission trees present, in order to develop and enhance the experience visitors to the Forestry Commission estate enjoy. It does not promote the unnecessary felling and pruning of our trees. This guidance aims to help Forestry Commission staff:

  • improve their awareness of tree safety issues and help them proactively manage this subject to reduce the hazard and cost;
  • implement a system which will make sure the Forestry Commission reduce risk by targeting resources;
  • undertake inspections, where risk is greatest; and
  • act to reduce the risk of injury or damage.