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Guidance for Forestry Commission Staff

What are OGBs?

Operational Guidance Booklets (OGB) are a series of booklets that guide and support Forestry Commission staff in sustainably and legally managing the public forest estate.  OGBs help us to deliver the objectives of the UK Forestry Standard and other country-based policies, and meet the certification requirements of the UK Woodland Assurance Standard (UKWAS). They cover many subjects, including for example:

  • forest certification;
  • motorsport;
  • contract management; and
  • timber transport.

The series is regularly reviewed and updated. Click on the links below to read a brief overview of each:

Tree Safety Management

Tree Health

Contract Management and buying goods and services

Plant Density: Right First Time

Deer Management

Surveys and Sub-compartment Database: Policy and Best Practice Summary

Managing Continuous Cover Forests

Timber Security


Timber Transport

Managing Fuelling

Managing Forest Roads

Using Chemicals in the Forest

Contingency Planning

Chainsaw and Machine Certification


Driving at Work

Accidents: Investigation and Reporting

Health and Safety: Assess the Risk

Forest Certification and Procurement of Forest Products

Handling Plants for Successful Planting

Access Management under CRoW

Production Forecasting

Waste Management

Forest Design Plans

Hand-arm Vibration and Noise at Work

Whole Body Vibration

Managing Construction

Business Sustainability

Equality and Diversity

Seed Sources

Recreation Management

Child Protection

Personal Protective Equipment

Involving people in your decisions

Managing Data Conservation 

The Woodland Carbon Code

Conservation data

Haulage in Civil Engineering

Need a copy of an OGB?

We can send you a pdf version on request Please provide your e-mail address, tell us which OGB you would like, who you are and what you are going to use the booklet for. 

Please note that you will need Adobe Reader version 8.0 or later to open them fully.

Last updated: 13th April 2016