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Integrated forest monitoring

Summary of research
This programme provides and maintains a set of enabling frameworks for forestry data acquisition, storage, processing and use by a range of scientific and non scientific stakeholders. It comprises four main projects: (a) Research Forests, (b) Tree Health Surveillance, (c) Remote Sensing, and (d) Long-term Experimentation.

The Alice Holt Research Forest in England will be maintained and the network will be extended into Wales (at the Dyfi catchment near Aberystwyth) and Scotland (Queen Elizabeth Forest Park, Cowal & Trossachs FD). Significant partnership science will be sought, especially within Research Forests, to support the exploration of ‘adaptive forest management’ in the face of climate change.

To support the Forest Biosecurity Strategy, a new forest health surveillance system will be developed in conjunction with Forestry Commission ‘plant health specialists’ and other forestry stakeholders. It will offer an ‘early warning system’ for pests and diseases, as well as quantifying distribution and impact on the forest.

The remote sensing project will focus on (i) identification of Interpreted Forest Types, (ii) monitoring of changes and (iii) estimation of stand parameters. The long-term experimental reserve provides a well maintained network of carefully designed and properly recorded field trials that can be used for research, reference and monitoring, demonstration and educational purposes.

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