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Commissioned Reports - Fire

Date: 2008
Title: “Fire in Timber” Fire resistance of innovative timber structures
Authors: Report commissioned from
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The performance of timber and other wood-based materials in fire is extremely complex. At the same time assessing the fire performance of innovative products is extremely important to introducing new products into the UK construction industry. Specialist knowledge is required to moving innovative design concepts and materials into the more wider range uses. This type of expertise is often not accessible to the developers of products in the timber based sector. This makes development and implementation of innovative ideas slow and therefore creates a disadvantage for the UK timber based industries.

The key objective of this project is to provide and facilitate new possibilities for wood products in construction. The use of wood products is to be supported and stimulated by comprehensive and scientifically robust background data, which is presented in user-friendly and adapted tools for engineers and other stakeholders. This will increase the general public’s confidence and positive perception of, and about, wood products.

The vision is to ensure that the wider use of wood in buildings will be associated with improved fire safety. The project will also build a knowledge base by promoting core competence and multidisciplinary research.

The project has three main aims

  • Provide a framework of concepts and tools for the UK industry to assess and implement superior fire resistance in innovative timber structures. Innovation applies to both, development in materials and building elements, as well as design approaches.
  • Help the UK timber industry to fully exploit the opportunities and potential of the new Eurocodes suite, which will be replacing all British Standards in 2010. Prepare the UK timber industry to obtain competitive design solutions to Eurocode guidance, and help develop an increased level of ability and awareness of design approaches and opportunities in the UK timber industry.
  • Provide practical, well presented information about the above for UK designers and architects in a comprehensive handbook.The handbook will provide concepts and useful introductions to key topics, for both the experienced as well as novice to timber products and their design in fire.