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Realising the economic value of ecosystem services from woodlands (REVES)

Summary of research
This research programme applies tools of economic analysis to help deliver a research base and supporting communications to assist the Forestry Commission and UK forestry sector in adopting an ecosystem services approach to achieving sustainable forest management. It covers the following elements:

Payments for ecosystem services: A review of potential approaches to aide consideration of future development of the Woodland Carbon Code, and a review of schemes covering multiple ecosystem services (carbon+). These reviews will inform further development of standards and mechanisms designed to ensure that the value of ecosystem services is taken into account in land use and land management decisions.

Ecosystem Services valuation: Development of a prototype ecosystem services optimal rotation length model linked to other Forestry Research models, and input into interdisciplinary case studies coordinated through the Land Use and Ecosystem Services Group. This will assist further development of evidence-based spatial and temporal analyses of the ecosystem services provide by UK woodlands.

Valuing Ecosystem Services from small woodlands: input into EU MORFOPOL project considering good practice in design and implementation of policy tools for sustainable and optimal resource use for small woodlands across Europe.

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