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Managing forest carbon and GHG balances

Summary of Research
Forests contain substantial carbon in the soil, trees and other vegetation. Forests are both sources and sinks for several different greenhouse gases (GHG), and forestry offers substantial emissions mitigation potential. Understanding the UK forestry GHG balance is key to inform policy and planning decisions and to meet national and international GHG emissions targets and reporting requirements. This research programme will provide the scientific evidence base to enable the FC to report UK forest carbon stocks reliably, to understand how they will change with climate change, and to recommend appropriate management and policy for the UK forestry sector. The programme quantifies the GHG balance and economic consequences of different forest management practices and operations, the role of woodland creation and the contribution of forest products and bioenergy. The programme also works on national and international calculation and reporting of carbon stocks and setting standards for forest carbon assessment methods. Underpinned by fundamental field based research, the research is contributing to forest carbon and climate chance science and is disseminating information and developing tools on forestry carbon and GHG balances to the forestry sector including policy makers, stakeholders and forest managers.

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