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Forest climate change adaptation strategies

Summary of Research
Adapting our forests and woodlands to the changing climate is challenging because of large uncertainties in the environmental and socio-economic changes, particularly when considering the long time scale of forestry planning. Adaptation therefore needs to include actions that both anticipate expected future conditions, and increase the ability to react to the unexpected, in order to minimise negative effects and maximise opportunities. Together such actions will increase adaptive capacity.

The uncertainty over future conditions over the next 50-150 years means that adaptation guidance and preparation needs a risk-based analysis framework and research needs to assess how best to deal with these uncertainties. This multi-disciplinary programme will assist in adaptation by

a) developing tools for risk assessment using climate change scenarios to inform adaptation and for focussing adaptation action where most needed

b) providing recommendations and guidance for adaptation measures based on expert information and evidence trialled and examined at key case study sites

c) helping the forest industry to work towards adaptive forest management using practical field-scale trials

The programme will work from the forest stand through to landscape and regional scale, will link several EC-funded collaborative programmes, and will feed into future country-scale and national adaptation programmes. The programme will draw on the experience of research staff from all three FR centres, will use data and findings from a range of other FR research programmes, and will collaborate where possible with external research institutes and universities.




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