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Operational safety and efficiency in a sustainable forest-industry wood chain

Summary of Research
The UK Forestry Standard and Country forestry strategies identify the critical role of good operational practice in delivering Sustainable Forest Management. Technical Development investigates operational issues, aiming to increase efficiency and safety, while considering the interaction with wider ergonomic, economic and environmental aspects. The work covers four Work Areas, each of which covers two or more Work Packages:

Establishment & Maintenance - all stages of operational stand establishment on new planting or restocking.

  • Pesticides & Vegetation Management
  • Ground Preparation
  • Regeneration & Maintenance

Integrated Forest Management - inter-related forestry operations where specifications and outcomes have a downstream impact on subsequent operations. Includes work that span the major forestry disciplines.

  • Safety & Ergonomics
  • Integrated Operations
  • Direct Support
  • Precision Forestry (IT)

Ecosystem Management - harvesting and silviculture operations within native and low impact woodlands and operational management of open space. Covers issues common to both e.g. the water and fire environments.

  • Stand Management
  • Ground Management

Harvesting & Transport - systems and technologies for commercial forestry and timber transport including forest infrastructure and inter-relationship of product specification and system performance.

  • Harvesting & Utilisation
  • Infrastructure & Transport

TD investigations use various approaches appropriate to the question - work study, literature review, survey and on-site systems observation / analysis. TD’s ability to respond to emerging issues quickly is particularly valued by FC field staff. Results are delivered using internal publications, presentations, workshops and training events and are included in best practice.

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