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Previous research programmes (2011-15)

The research programmes undertaken between 2011 and 2015 were organised by topic under the following strategic themes.

  • Climate Change - including risk assessment, related GIS systems, the effect on pests and pathogens, forest carbon and greenhouse gases, and the effect on trees in the built environment.

  • Social, economic development and urban greening – including social science, cultural heritage and economics.

  • Wood and timber properties – including tree improvement, yield modelling, market development; research into timber quality, carbon, wood and non-wood forest products.

  • Ecosystems and biodiversity – including adaptation to climate change, tree health, landscape ecology, biological sustainability and the interactions between woodlands and water, soil and wildlife.

  • Sustainable management – including silviculture, forest operations, decision support and the practical management of pests and diseases.

  • Monitoring and biosecurity – including the development of indicators, the National Inventory of Woods and Trees, the Forest Condition Survey, some aspects of forest modelling and long-term data collection.

  • Inventory and forecasting - including modelling and forecasting and forest mensuration.

The bulk (approximately 90%) of our commissioned research is purchased from our Agency, Forest Research. Projects commissioned from external providers are often linked to the larger Forest Research programmes and these are mentioned briefly with the programme. Some larger commissions are described as programmes in their own right.

Reports of research commissioned from Forest Research and external providers for individual programmes can be accessed from these pages. Formal publications can be found in our on-line catalogue.

Last updated: 6th September 2016