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Business Support

This section of the Regional Forestry Framework website aims to direct you to sources of information which will help you with the running of your business.

The Advertising and Marketing page gives links to various websites where you can advertise your goods and services for free.  It also give suggestions of easy things that you can do to promote your goods or services.  It is important, when demand increases, that you continue to provide your customers with quality goods or services – be prepared to team up with other businesses if that enables all involved to increase production and maintain quality more effectively and economically.

The Health & Safety page gives information and links relating to legislation that affects the woodland industry and intends to help identify employers legal responsibilities within the sector.

The Common Issues page gives examples of problems that businesses are encountering when they wish to grow.  This includes issues such as premises and funding for machinery.

The Useful Links page gives various organisations that can be useful in running your business, including trade organisations, professional services, employment, Woodfuel, Coppice Groups and other Woodland Initiatives and technical publications.

Running a forestry contracting business or selling woodland produce is time consuming and hard work, leaving little time to do anything other than the job itself. Sometimes though, it is worth standing back and looking to see whether you are running your business or whether the business is running you.

Last updated: 24th June 2017
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