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Woodfuel and Boiler Supply


The South East consists of 9 counties, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire, The Isle of Wight, Surrey, East and West Sussex and Kent and has a total land area of just over 19,000 square km. 

This page summarises existing information on the woodfuel resource potentially available from management of existing woodland.  It does not take account of wood waste arisings (from for example arboricultural residues, sawmill residues or contaminated wood wastes), imported woodfuel or energy crops, which are also expected to make a big contribution to the regions bioenergy resources in the future.

How much potential Woodfuel in the region

A quarter of the country’s woodland is in South East England. Mobilising just half its sustainable yield (0.5 million tonnes per year) to replace fossil fuels could generate 5% of the region’s renewable energy, saving 700,000 tonnes of CO2/year - equivalent to removing 29,000 cars from our roads.

Only about 10% of potentially available woodfuel supply in the region is being used at present, supporting just 24 woodfuel businesses.

The resource is divided between the South East counties as shown in the table below

 County Percentage of the total resource (%) 
 Berkshire                    8 
 Buckinghampshire                    9 
 Oxfordshire                  10 
 Surrey                  16 
 Hampshire & Isle of Wight                  30 
 East Sussex                   6 
 West Sussex                   9 
 Kent                  12 




For a list of woodfuel suppliers in the region see Woodfuel suppliers in South East England

For a map of biomass chippers for hire see Biomass Energy South East - Biomass chippers

If you or your organisation is looking for woodfuel in the South East region and would like to be included on a forthcoming list, please contact us 

Boiler Suppliers

The Low Carbon Buildings programme 

and the

Renewable Energy Assurance Scheme 


both maintain lists of approved biomass boiler suppliers/installers.