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Woodfuel in the West Midlands

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In the North West & West Midlands Area we want to build on our experience, so enabling the Area to achieve leadership in England through the North West England Biomass Strategy and the West Midlands Wood Fuel Strategy, 2003 (pdf 592k) 

Our priority is to facilitate the utilisation of wood from our woodlands and bring under-managed woodlands back into sustainable management for the benefit of biodiversity and climate change.  This will contribute to national targets of bringing an additional two million tonnes of wood, annually to market by 2020 as stated in the Woodfuel Strategy for England.

Woodfuel in the West Midlands

In the West Midlands woodfuel activity is co-ordinated through Heartwoods with links to other key West Midlands organisations and networks such as BioenergyWM.

Activity has increased rapidly from two to three boiler installations a year (2003) to 12 to 15 (2009), with an estimated 6000MW of installed woodheating capacity (Midlands Woodfuel Ltd, Jun 09) and 2.2MW of biomass power. There are now at least three wood fuel chip suppliers and several pellet suppliers and woodfuel is firmly on the West Midlands agenda.

Woodfuel in the North West

The North West of England could potentially provide 181,000 green tonnes of woodfuel from its under-managed woodlands. At a 30% moisture content, this could provide 409,500,000 kwh which is enough energy to feed 1,335 average size boilers and could result in up to 100MW of installed capacity in the region, whilst supporting/creating up to 2000 jobs. 

Other potential sources of woodfuel have been estimated by the North West Biomass Contacts Group as follows

  • Arboricultural Arisings 35000 odt (odt=oven dried tonnes)
  • Waste Wood 220000 odt
  • Sawmill Co-product 20000 odt
  • Recycled Wood 50000 odt