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Farm Woodland Payments and Single Payment Scheme

In February 2009, an EU rule change mean that land eligible for Single Payment Scheme (SPS) in 2008 would continue to be eligible to receive SPS even after trees had been planted on it.

In response to this rule change, we reviewed our rates of payment for farm woodland to come up with a simpler and, on average, significantly higher level of support for woodland creation.

SPS Compatible Farm Woodland Payment Rates:

  • Arable land in the lowlands: £300 per hectare (ha) per year
  • Other improved land in the lowlands: £200 per ha per year*
  • Unimproved land and/or land in the uplands: £60 per ha per year**

*Lowland = land outside Severely Disadvantaged Areas
**Upland = land in Severely Disadvantaged Areas

New agreements

From 2009, all Farm Woodland Payments under new English Woodland Grant Scheme agreements will be subject to these SPS compatible rates. This means that landowners can continue claiming SPS on eligible land after the woodland is planted.

For a full explanation of the rules changes, payment review process and 2009 payments please refer to 
Operations Note 18: Woodland and the Single Payment Scheme, or
Farm Woodland payments and Single Payment Scheme - a Summary.


Last updated: 31st January 2018