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Autumn at Westonbirt

Activity walksFamily having fun with autumn leaves

Woodland shapes - with so many different trees its not surprising Westonbirt is full of fantastic shapes to discover - how many can you spot?

Leaf activity walk - come leaf stomping, collect an autumn rainbow and meet the Westonbirt leaf snakes!

Seed explorer - search for a rainbow of seeds, leave a trail of seeds for a vole to follow and discover which animals have been busy eating cones

Playing through the season

Autumn - stitch a leaf creation for a woodland animal, concoct your own woodland scent, create a leaf storm and see if you could survive as a squirrel!

Natural dyes - using autumn fruits and berries, and other autumn finds, create your own natural dyes - also includes instructions for tie dying

Autumn rub pictures - create your own autumn paints or colour a picture by rubbing directly on paper

Back at home

Leaf elves and fairies - as you stomp amongst the crunchy fallen leaves this autumn look out for amazing firery colours and a variety of great leaf shapes to create your own leaf elf or fairy back at home.

Autumn leaf jar - autumn is here and the leaves are falling!  Why not collect some of the wonderful colours and leaf shapes to create an autumn leaf jar.


Last updated: 1st November 2016

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