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The RELEAF Grant Schemes

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The Forestry Commission and the Mayor of London are working together to improve the trees and woodlands of London as part of the RE:LEAF initiative which also now includes the RE:LEAF volunteering programme.

Grants are available for community tree planting projects and street tree planting.

The RE:LEAF Community Grant Scheme

The RE:LEAF Community Grant Scheme provides grants for projects that deliver community benefits to schools, open spaces and woodlands in Greater London in the areas of greatest need.

Further information on the RE:LEAF Community Grant Scheme.

The Mayor's Street Tree Initiative

The Mayor of London has committed to funding an expansion of his street tree planting initiative, as part of his goal to make London a greener city. This will provide a further 10,000 street trees planted by March 2015 across the whole of The Greater London area.

Speaking during Climate Week last year, the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said: 'Trees are a vital part of our city, providing shade, keeping our streets cooler and making our city much more attractive. I am pleased to announce our latest leafy campaign to increase both the number of trees in the capital, but also importantly to now cultivate an army of people volunteering to plant and care for them.'

Further information on The Mayor's Street Tree Initiative.

The London Trees and Woodlands Standard Costs

The Forestry Commission produces Standard Costs for all its grant schemes to help in the administration and allocating of funding through these schemes. The London Trees and Woodlands Standard Costs were first produced in July 2006 and are subject to index linked updates annually. They were last revised in 2010.

Find out more information and obtain a copy of The London Trees and Woodlands Standard Costs. 




Last updated: 24th September 2014