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Work Plans

Each year, the Forestry Commission's Statistics team undertakes a process to develop the team's work for the coming financial year. 

  • The proposed numbers of staff by grade in our Statistics team are agreed with senior management, taking account of wider Forestry Commission plans for staff numbers and any known changes in statistics work.
  • Based on the staff resources that will be available, we assess the work plan from the previous year to identify potential changes. The changes may be in the balance between our Statistics staff undertaking work or supporting others.
  • We then consult key users within the Forestry Commission and partner organisations, and with the Expert Group on Timber and Trade Statistics, on the requirements and priorities for the coming year.
  • We use the feedback from this consultation to draft a work plan for the coming year. If the consultation has identified priority areas that cannot be addressed with the proposed resources, we will investigate options for securing additional resources or changing other priorities.
  • The work plan is then circulated to key users for comment before being finalised and published on our website.

Additional consultation on specific issues can also take place at other times, as required. All users are welcome to comment on our work plans at any time. These views will be taken into account during the work plan process.

At the end of the year, we publish a separate report that describes the outturn for the year, reporting on each item in the work plan and also major additional areas of work.


2016/17          Work Plan

2015/16          Work Plan ;   Outturn

2014/15          Work Plan ;   Outturn

2013/14          Work Plan;    Outturn

2012/13          Work plan;    Outturn

2011/12          Work plan ;   Outturn

2010/11          Work plan ;   Outturn

2009/10          Work plan ;   Outturn  

2008/09          Work plan ;   Outturn


Last updated: 14th June 2017