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  • Funding for Provision of Public Access

Funding for Public Access

Woodland Improvement GrantPicnicking in Bedgebury National Pinetum

80% funding for existing woodlands is available for access provision/improvement in priority areas of the region. These are described as "Quality of Place" priority areas that take into account areas of high population, deprivation indices and current lack of public access provision.

Maps showing the distribution and precise location of the priority areas can be accessed here or viewed online on the Land Information Search

Woodland outside the Quality of Place priority areas are eligible for 50% funding where there is less than 1 hectare of free public access for every 500 residents within 8km.

Woodland Creation Additional Contribution

An additional payment of £2,000 per ha is applicable (subject to available funding) on top of standard Woodland Creation Grants (WCG) where proposals fall within the light or dark purple areas of the Quality of Place target areas, see map, and full public access is offered.

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