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Woodfuel in the South East - Presentations

WISE Event: Progressing Woodfuel In the South East
Wednesday 11th February 2009
Presentation and workshop outcome downloads

What issues do we bring to the table? - I would like to know?  exercise (PDF 65kb)

The Woodfuel Strategy and its implementation in the South East (PDF 1535kb)
Gillian Alker - South East Woodfuel Officer, Forestry Commission

Planning for Renewables (PDF 3324kb)
David Payne - South East England Regional Assembly

Delivering carbon savings using woodfuel in Barnsley (PDF 3629kb)
Dick Bradford - Barnsley MDC

South West Bioenergy Programme (PDF 1288kb)
Stephen Green - South West Regional Development Agency

What are the main challenges?  - How can we….? Exercise (PDF 55kb)

Biomass Woodfuel Heating (PDF 1391kb)
Mark Lebus - Managing Director, LC Energy

Park 25 Biomass District Heating System (PDF 1739kb)
Robin Cotton - Marketing and Communications Director, Wood Energy Ltd

Biomass in our Schools (PDF 1232kb)
Ron Wootton - MD of Hoare Wootton on behalf of East Sussex County Council

Government policy on Renewable Heat & Bioenergy (PDF 130kb)
Michael Felliks - DECC, Heat Policy

What can we do about the issues? Gold-plated and cheap and cheerful suggestions. (PDF 37kb)







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