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About Us

Did you know the Forestry Commission is the largest land manager in Britain and the biggest provider of outdoor recreation?

We employ over 2,500 people to look after the public forests we manage and to help and advise others manage their woods too.

As an employer committed to equality of opportunity, the Forestry Commission aims to employ a diverse workforce which reflects the people of this country and to offer a challenging and satisfying career. We are committed to developing staff and providing access to a range of learning opportunities.

Our values are:

Teamwork - working as teams with colleagues and others to ensure that trees, woods and forests meet the needs of people in each part of Britain

Professionalism - enjoying and taking pride in our work, achieving high standards of quality, efficiency and sustainability

Respect - treating one another with consideration and trust, recognising each person's contribution

Communication - being open, honest and straightforward with colleagues and others, as willing to listen as to tell

Learning - always learning, from outside the Forestry Commission as well as from within

Creativity - not being afraid to try new ways of doing things

Interested in helping us to make positive change at local and national level?  Apply now.

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Last updated: 11th July 2017