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Mountain Bike Tender Questions to be Covered in Tender Submission

Please give full answers to the following questions

NOTE: please refer to Assessment Criteria- Marking Sheet

  1. Details of background and experience within the cycling industry particularly within the context of mountain biking.

  2. Specify the range and type of MTB bikes you would supply for public hire on site, including children’s MTB cycles.

  3. How often would you sell your hire fleet and replace with new up to date bikes?

  4. Please specify the style of MTB cycles you would have in your hire fleet, considering the different disciplines of mtb trails / facilities on offer at Kielder Water & Forest Park.

  5. What training do you have and what training would you intend to complete before opening on site? Name the staff who have been checked for CRB (work with young people).

  6. What staff members would you envisage on site and what training would they have before operating the site?

  7. Detail how you would ensure that a customer is ready to go cycling from the hire centre, hiring a cycle from you or from you staff, listing the safety points you or your team would cover.

  8. State what health and safety training or knowledge you have in running such a business., you should also list any qualifications you hold.

  9. Please give details of the public and personal liability insurance, which you or your business currently hold or details of the insurance you will seek cover from if you are successful in this tender?

  10. Please specify what cycle maintenance certification you or your staff have currently or intend to have upon a successful tender.

  11. Please specify what training or qualifications you have for leading cyclists on rides or events.

  12. What services do you intend to offer on site. Canned drinks and energy bars may be sold. Cups of tea, and sandwiches etc. may not be sold on site. There is a tea room at Kielder Castle and a pub the Anglers Arms a short walk away.

  13. What proportion of your business will be retail sale of bikes and what proportion will be bike hire.

  14. We will ask the short listed applicants for a bank reference and to provide a business and character reference.

Property to be Let

A plan of the building is attached to these details. The successful applicant will supply the following ;

  • The floor coverings
  • A reception desk
  • Security system the building is wired for this.
  • Kitchen fittings and any other office furniture which may be required. A sink is provided.
  • The bike wash. The hardstanding, electricity, water and drainage is in place.
  • The bike stands in the bike storage area
  • External bike stands
  • Planters

This contribution will written off over the lease term.

The building will be heated by propane gas to a condensing boiler.

Access to the site will be from the road at the rear of the building from the Ravenshill road.

Outside there is an area of hard standing which can be used as a wobble area. This area will be included within the leased area and will be maintained by the tenant.

The water supply will be from the private Kielder supply for which an annual charge of 125 will be made.

The applicant will be responsible for costs and maintenance associated with the Hire Centre:

  • the business rates
  • the electricity
  • refuse disposal
  • the gas supply
  • the security system
  • the external lighting and all maintenance and repairs within the building with the exception of the main walls, the windows and the doors, the roof and the services to the access point.

Business use of the premises

The premises will be restricted to bike hire and bike sales and office and for the sale of energy drinks and energy bars.

The lessee will have full use of the bike wash and may charge the public for the facility.

The lessee will be permitted to hold an agreed number of events in the forest. These should be notified at the beginning of year and confirmed with a minimum of 20 working days notice given. A separate permit for each event will be required from Events & Community Ranger, setting out full details of the events.

General Agreements

The lessee will be required to present annual audited accounts to the Forestry Commission to show turnover and profit levels at the end of each year.

The lessee will have a complaints procedure in place and inform the Forestry Commission in writing of any complaints from the public within seven days of receiving them.

The lessee will have an accident reporting procedure on any cyclist related accidents, information on any accident involving a visit to Hospital will be shared with Forestry Commission within 1 day of the incident (1 week for non Hospital visit incidents).

The production and distributions of advertising materials or signage relating to the premises must be agreed with the Forestry Commission in advance.

Method statements, a health and safety policy and suitable risk assessments must be provided and agreed with the Forestry Commission.

There is a parking charge for the forest car parks which will be payable for all customers. This will be subject to periodic increases. The lessees may park up to four cars free of charge in their own car parking areas and their delivery vehicles will also be exempt from the charge. All of the customers will be expected to use the official FC car parks which are situated just above the premises- Note this is car park is liable to 3 parking fee per day (or part day).

Any use of the Forestry Commission or Kielder Water & Forest Park logo upon clothing, signage or websites must be agreed with the Forestry Commission and or Kielder Partnership in advance.

The lessee will be expected to develop a web site and to promote Kielder Forest and the Forestry Commission in advertising material, acknowledging the use of the Forestry Commission trails within the forest.


An initial lease of 7 years will be offered based upon the Heads of Terms, which will be sent to applicants called to interview. These Heads of Terms will form the basis of the lease to be signed. This will also include a standard bike hire agreement, which will be attached to the lease.

Applicants will tender a fixed rent for the first three year period. The rent for the fourth year, will be 10% of gross turnover, based upon the gross sales, less VAT, achieved in the third year. Each subsequent year the rent will be based on 10% output of the preceeding year.


Applicants may visit the site without further authorisation, respecting that it is a work site and no public access is permitted. The selected applicants will be shown round the building in April when completed and have an opportunity to ask questions prior to interview.
Enquiries should be addressed to