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High Lodge Site Entry - Terms and Conditions

Site entry is collected per vehicle accessing the site.

The following terms & conditions provide the framework for the collection of the customers financial contribution for visiting the site and making use of the facilities on offer.

Vehicle Access and Parking


1.0 Definitions

1.1  The term ‘FC’ refers to the Forestry Commission and includes any representative appointed as its agent.
1.2  A ‘vehicle’ is defined as any motorised and wheeled device used for transporting customers.
1.3  High Lodge shall be referred to as ‘HL’.
1.4  The word ‘customer’ shall refer to any person who is in control of a vehicle or passenger of a vehicle accessing HL.
1.5  The word ‘staff’ shall refer to any FC personnel or any representative acting as an appointed agent.
1.6  The term ‘ticket’ shall refer to a document that the FC provides to permit vehicle access to HL.
1.7  The term ‘day visit ticket’ shall refer to a ticket that provides the paying customer with permission to access HL for a single visit on a single day.
1.8  A ‘Discovery Pass’ holder is provided with permission to access HL for more than a single day.
1.9  The term ‘additional site entry permit’ shall refer to a card that has been issued subsequent to the purchase of a Discovery Pass, for an additional vehicle. Such permits are subject to the same terms and conditions as Discovery Pass Membership cards. 
1.10  The term ‘passcard’ shall refer to a day visit ticket upon which a customer has made an additional payment to upgraded the ticket and allow further access to the centre, in accordance with the publicised tariff.
1.11  The term ‘voucher’ refers to an official document provided by the FC to provide discounted vehicle access to HL.
1.12  Any reference to ‘school holidays’ refer to the designated school holidays as defined by the Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridge Local Education Authorities.

2.0  General

2.1  It is an offence under the FC by-laws to use a vehicle on FC land without permission.  The FC shall provide permission for customers to access HL by vehicle means of the issuing of a ticket.
2.2  Customers that require permission to access HL by means of a vehicle shall be liable to pay the advertised charges in full, unless they hold a valid ‘passcard’, ‘season ticket’ or other legitimate ‘voucher’.
2.3  The permission granted is specifically for vehicle access to HL and does not permit the customer to break FC by-laws.
2.4  The FC provides spaces for vehicles to be parked at HL. 
2.5  The FC does not accept liability for any damage to or loss of vehicles or their contents.
2.6  All vehicles accessing HL must vehicle excise duty taxed, roadworthy and insured.
2.7  Customers are required to drive with due care and obey any directions given by signs, markings, or staff.
2.8  The FC reserves the right to nominate specific bays for any designated use.
2.9  The FC reserves the right to refuse access to HL particularly in the case of vehicles carrying dangerous loads or livestock.
2.10  Unless otherwise specified in writing any ticket issued by the FC is not transferable.
2.11  The staff at HL have the right to perform their daily duties free from verbal or physical abuse from the users of this facility. Any incidents of this nature will be reported to the police and offenders will be prosecuted.
2.12  CCTV is in operation at HL, and recorded material may be used as evidence to support prosecution of those engaged in criminal activity or in contravention of FC by-laws.
2.13  Only one promotional offer or discount can be applied to any one transaction between the customer and the FC.
2.14  The FC shall honour the terms and conditions that apply to any agreement between the FC and a customer, until such time that the agreement is no longer valid.

3.0  Day Visit Ticket

3.1  Day visit tickets will be charged for, in accordance with publicised site entry fees.
3.2  Any customer who loses their ticket will be charged at the maximum rate payable on the day of their visit. 
3.3  Any customer whose ticket is rendered un-readable will be charged at the  maximum rate payable on the day of their visit.

4.0  Discovery Pass and Secondary Site Entry Pass

The Membership Card is the card, which gives a range of benefits.

A valid Membership Card is used to gain access through the barrier system and no further site entry payment is required.

Vouchers are offers and discounts that we may offer from time to time for services and goods from the Forestry Commission or our Partners.

4.1 Discovery Passes and Secondary Site Entry Passes will be valid for the advertised period, from date of issue.
4.2 The Discovery Pass and Secondary Site Entry Passes are only valid at the forest(s) named on the Membership Card.
4.3 The FC reserves the right to refuse applications.
4.4 The Membership Card allows the vehicle registered to the Discovery Pass or Secondary Site Entry Pass access to HL and can only be used with one vehicle at any one time.
4.5 Discovery Passes cannot be used with minibuses or vehicles carrying more than 10 people. Customers with such vehicles can apply for a site entry permit.

4.6 Ownership of a Discovery Pass or Secondary Site Entry Pass will not guarantee a parking space.
4.7 Where a customer fails to present their Membership Card upon a visit to HLFC, the customer shall be required to make the full payment for entering the site on that visit, without refund.
4.8 The Forestry Commission reserves the right to close HL without prior notice and holding a Discovery Pass, Secondary Site Entry Pass or other Membership Card does not guarantee the customer access.
4.9 The Forestry Commission reserves the right to change or stop promotions/ discounts at any time.

4.10 The Discovery Pass or Secondary Site Entry Pass remains the property of the Forestry Commission. The Forestry Commission reserves the right to cancel it for any reason, in particular where the permission given has been abused.
4.11 Replacement Membership Cards can be provided at the advertised replacement cost.
4.12 Customer requests for alterations or additions in personal information held by the Forestry Commission shall be undertaken for the advertised administration fee.
4.13 Subject to the advertised charges and at the discretion of the Forestry Commission, a single ‘additional site entry permit’ may be provided to a Discovery Pass holder who has requirement for their immediate family to access HL by more than one vehicle.
4.14 Forestry Commission may vary or change these terms and conditions from time to time and up to date conditions will be available on the Forestry Commission’s website.

5.0  Passcards and Event cards

5.1  A passcard or Event card can only be used by one vehicle at a time to access HLFC and are not valid at other FC locations.
5.2  The FC reserves the right to close HL without prior notice and holding a passcard does not guarantee the customer access to HL.
5.3  Passcards or event cards shall be exchanged (on a like for like basis) free of charge if failure of the magnetic stripe can be proven, otherwise they are non-replaceable, non-refundable and non-exchangeable.
5.4  A day visit ticket can only be upgraded to a passcard on a single occasion.

5.5 Event cards have clearly stated event codes, start and expiry dates printed on each ticket eg EVENTS0104EX311012

6.0  Exceptions

6.1  Upon presentation of either a valid membership ticket or other acceptable proof, FC staff, either current or retired will not be charged site entry fees to HL.  
6.2  The FC staff shall be entitled to a a single Site Entry Permit free of charge. 
6.3  Alteration of personal details for FC staff will not be charged for but issuing additional Site Entry Permits will be subject to the advertised fee.
6.4  Where there is an official FC business need (as authorised by Centre Manager (High Lodge)) more than one vehicle may be associated with a Site Entry Permit.
6.5  Service vehicles, contractors and other agents accessing HL on business connected with the FC shall not be liable to charges.
6.6  Customers using motorcycles to access HL shall not be liable to charges.
6.7  Customers whose circumstances are not met by these terms and conditions may seek permission for vehicle access by writing to High Lodge Thetford Forest, Brandon, Suffolk, IP27 0AF.  Such applications shall be dealt with no sooner than 2 weeks from the submission date and subject to the advertised charge for Secondary Site Entry Pass.

Data Protection

Information provided by customers will be held in a secure database and only used internally by the Forestry Commission.  Other than where specified, e.g. on the Discovery Pass or Secondary Site Entry Pass application form, the information will not be passed on to a third party.

The Forestry Commission reserves the right to change the Terms & Conditions, Site Entry Fees and other associated charges at any time and without prior notice.  Such changes shall be published on the relevant pages of the High Lodge website and be available from HL Information Point.

By-laws, terms & conditions,  site entry fees and details of associated charges are available via

or by applying in person or in writing to High Lodge.

Valid from 1st February 2012

Last updated: 10th July 2018

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