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Tenders in England

All Forestry Commission tender adverts relating to England or GB are now on the government Contracts Finder website. 

Current England tenders:

Closing date 22/10/2018

Closing date 02/11/2018

Closing date 07/11/2018

Closing date 09/11/2018




The Forestry Commission has a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for planting and/or subsequent maintenance including beating up and chemical weed control, throughout West England Forest District. This DPS allows the Forestry Commission to hold mini-competitions for work as and when required.  Typically we will hold these competitions prior to the forthcoming planting season although we may run competitions at any point.   Contractors can apply to join the DPS at any point during its lifetime. This DPS will run for four years. 

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Last updated: 17th October 2018