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Threestoneburn EIA

The Forestry Commission has considered the application under Environmental Impact Assessment (Forestry) 1999 (England and Wales) Regulations for a forestry project at Threestoneburn Forest. The Forestry Commission has decided on the basis of the evidence submitted, including the information provided in the Environmental Statement and the extensive comments received following three public consultation exercises that the project will not result in a significant impact on the environment and has granted consent for the proposals as outlined in the Environmental Statement.

The consent is subject to a number of conditions that are stated in the Consent Letter.

A number of documents relevant to the application are available for downloading below:

For further information about this application please contact the Forestry Commission, North East England Region , 1 Walby Hill, Rothbury, Northumberland, NE65 7NT or

Threestoneburn Forest Deforestation and Habitat Restoration Proposals:

Threestoneburn Forest Environmental Statement [pdf 287k]
Non Technical Summary [pdf 19k]

Appendix 1 Location Map (available from the regional office in Rothbury)
Appendix 2 SSSI Citation [pdf 13k]
Appendix 3 Botanical Survey (available from the regional office in Rothbury)
Appendix 4 Bird Survey [pdf 30k]
Appendix 5 Mammal Survey [pdf 30k]
Appendix 6 Reptile and Amphibian [pdf 24k]

Appendix 7

Red Squirrels Report A [pdf 37k] and Report B [pdf 155k], Appendix A [pdf 205k], Appendix B [pdf 36k] and Appendix C [pdf 38k] and Species Mix [pdf 17k]
Appendix 8 Archaeology [pdf 98k]
Appendix 9 Landscaping Map 1[pdf 294k], Map 2 [pdf 224k] and Map 3 [pdf 260k]
Appendix 10  Carbon [pdf 284k]
Appendix 11  Habitat Management Plan [pdf 367k]
Appendix 12  FC and Consultee Letters [pdf 440k]

Appendix 13

 NP BAP Part 1 [pdf 190k], Part 2 [pdf 247k] and Part 3 [pdf 255k]
Appendix 14  Wooler Common [pdf 327k]
Appendix 15  Black Grouse Conservation [pdf 171k], Riparian [pdf 462k], Habitat Improvement Map [pdf 492k]

Appendix 16

 Scoping [pdf 266k]
Appendix 17  FC Restructuring Plan [pdf 80k]
Appendix 18  Road Location, Design and Quarrying [pdf 175k], Access Map [pdf 573k] and Quarry Photo [pdf 324k]
Appendix 19  Method Statement [pdf 591k]
Appendix 20  Deer Management [pdf 17k]
Appendix 21  Hydrology Survey [pdf 431k]
Appendix 22  EU Habitat Regulations Part 1 [pdf 284k] and Part 2 [pdf 339k]
Appendix 23  Climate Change [pdf 566k]


The period of public consultation commenced on 26 September 2008 and ran until 23 November 2008.

As a result of further information being provided by the applicant a further 28 day period of consultation is being run until 31st July 2009.  Details of the amendments to the original Environmental Statement are below:

Appendix 1

TSB Scoping 1 [pdf 444k]and TSB Scoping 2 [pdf 48k]

Appendix 2 Badger Survey [pdf 31k]
Appendix 3 Red Squirrels 2 [pdf 104k] and Replanting Phases [pdf 428k]
Appendix 4 Landscape Appraisal [pdf 3961k] and BEV Planting [pdf 558k]
Appendix 5 Replacement Langlee [pdf 103k], Replacement Wooler Common [pdf 146k], Phase1 Vegetation [pdf 115k] and Vegetation Survey [pdf 125k], Forest Outline Habitat Management Plan [pdf 394k], Replanting within Forest [pdf 130k], Replanting Programme [pdf 432k], Tors Replacement [pdf 318k]
Appendix 6 Bridleway Diversion [pdf 117k]

Appendix 7

Archaeological Features [pdf 162k], Middleton Dene to Threestoneburn Forest Track [pdf 20k], Picture 1[pdf 1099k], Picture 2 [pdf 1080k], Picture 3 [pdf 1119k], Picture 4 [1114k], Picture 5 [pdf 1102k], Picture 6 [pdf 1117k], Picture 7 [pdf 1079k], Picture 8 [pdf 1137k], Picture 9 [pdf 1100k]
TSB Replacement Planting Forest [pdf 126k], Replanting Programme [pdf 428k], SMiddleton Track [pdf 162k], Tors Replacement [pdf 318k], Image [pdf 507k]
  TSB Forest Felling Plan [pdf 125k]
  TSB Forest Annex to ES [pdf 309k]

A further period of consultation commenced on 26 July 2010 and will run until 6 September 2010.  The relevant updated documents are available below and will be available for viewing at:

  • Wooler Library
  • Scottish Woodlands office in Alnwick
  • Forestry Commission office at Rothbury

You will be able to view the annex at the above locations during office hours for the length of the consultation period.  


Appendix 12A Scoping Letter - EA [pdf 27k]
  Scoping Letter - Lord Vinson [pdf 402k]
  Scoping Letter - NCC [pdf 15k]
  Scoping Letter - NCC Objection [pdf 377k]
Appendix 18A Road Construction - Roading [pdf 1334k]
  Road Construction - Roading Zoomed [pdf 1125k]
  Road Construction - South Middleton Road [pdf 516k]
  Road Construction - Technical Specification [pdf 1451k]
  Road Construction - Road Specification [pdf 985k]
Appendix 18B Landscape - Appendix IV - Landscape Appraisal [pdf 3956k]
  Landscape - BEV Planting [pdf 554k]
  Landscape - 016 [pdf 313k]
  Landscape - 028 [pdf 319k]
  Landscape - North Access Landscape Assessment [pdf 1477k]
  Landscape - North Road 001 [pdf 312k]
  Landscape - North Road 011 [pdf 319k]
Appendix 18C Habitat Survey - FEP Survey [pdf 1568k]
  Habitat Survey - Ilderton Dodd Bird Map [pdf 2088k]
  Habitat Survey - Ilderton Dodd Bird Report [pdf 2806k]
  Habitat Survey - Ilderton Dodd LS Map [pdf 1359k]
  Habitat Survey - North Route Constraints Information [pdf 1785k]
Appendix 18D Public Rights of Way - South Middleton
  Public Rights of Way - South Middleton Route 001 [pdf 63k]
  Public Rights of Way - Threestoneburn [pdf 207k]
  Public Rights of Way - Threestoneburn A [pdf 1241k]
  Public Rights of Way - Threestoneburn Road [pdf 1015k]


Last updated: 8th February 2018