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Newbottle Wood EIA

The Forestry Commission has now considered the application to deforest 2.73 ha of Newbottle Wood, the information provided in the Environmental Statement and the extensive comments received following two public consultation exercises. The Forestry Commission has now decided on the basis of the evidence submitted that the project will not result in a significant impact on the environment and has decided to grant consent for the proposals as outlined in the Environmental Statement.

The consent is subject to a number of conditions that are stated in the Consent Letter.

The Consent Letter, the Background and Statement of Reasons Supporting the decision to grant consent and the Annex 1 & 2 tables of responses received from the consultation exercises are provided below.

Consent Letter [pdf 29k]

Decision Statement [pdf 135k]

Issues Table 2008 [pdf 60k]

Issues Table 2009 [pdf 60k]

The period of public consultation commenced on 14 May 2008 and ran until 11 June 2008.  Below are the main chapters of the Environmental Statement for the Newbottle Wood EIA. 

        Newbottle Wood Non-Technical Summary [pdf 490k]
 1.    Introduction (pdf 118k)
 2.    Site Description (pdf 105k)
 3.    Project Description (pdf 71k)
 4.    Planning Policy Context (pdf 149k)
 5.    Scoping (pdf 125k)
 6.    Flora and Fauna (pdf 731k)
 7.    Cultural Heritage (pdf 144k)
 8.    Noise (pdf 131k)
 9.    Transport (pdf 661k)
 10a. Landscape Amenity and Open Space (pdf 192k)
 11.   Water resources (pdf 53k)
 12.   Land Conditions (pdf 248k)
 13.   Air Quality (pdf 92k)
 14.   Summary of Impacts (pdf 41k)
 14a. Impact Assessment Tables (pdf 59k)

As a result of further information being provided by the applicant a further 28 day period of consultation ran until 4 February 2009.  Details of the amendments to the original Environmental Statement are below. 

 Revised Masterplan (pdf 747k)
 Landscape Management Strategy (pdf 74k)
 Planting Plan WGS (pdf 2171k)
 Screening Opinion Doxford Park (pdf 379k)
 Recorded Activity Noise Ford Quarry (pdf 12k)
 548194001esa1 (pdf 1320k)
 548194001esa2 (pdf 569k)
 548194002esa1 (pdf 1113k)
 548194002esa2 (pdf 1320k)
 Figure 1 Site Location (pdf 1571k)
 ilam section b grass maintenance (pdf 67k)
 ilam section g sports pitches (pdf 37k)
 Impact assessment tables (pdf 41k)
 Signing Sheet (pdf 231k)
 Summary Addendum Title Page (pdf 10k)
 Summary Addendum to ES (pdf 93k)
 Title Pages (pdf 18k)
Last updated: 31st January 2018