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Management Development

TRAINER AND STUDENTS AT AE TRAINING CENTREWe're committed to excellence in the leadership and management of people. Our Management Development Programme (MDP) is a structured programme of development for managers and those aspiring to management positions across the Forestry Commission.  It has been designed to develop and support managers by offering an opportunity to review their skills and behaviours, confirm their strengths, identify any areas for development and provide bespoke solutions to ensure they have the best opportunity to maximise their potential. 

The MDP provides staff with an opportunity to access development in a multitude of ways that will help them succeed in their current role and prepare them for future roles.

Developed and delivered by our Learning and Development team and external providers, the programme has 3 levels to cater for managers at all levels:

  • MDP 1 - Operational Managers: For first line, first time managers or those who manage projects
  • MDP 2 - Tactical Managers: For middle managers or those who manage projects/programmes at a similar level
  • MDP 3 - Strategic Managers: For senior managers or those who manage programmes of work at this level

The MDP ensures our managers are motivated and committed, and supported to deal with organisational changes.

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Last updated: 11th July 2017