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We believe in rewarding our people by providing them with an excellent benefits package. 

This package includes everything from a generous Civil Service pension and flexible working options, through to retail vouchers to spend at top high street shops.

We have offices throughout Scotland, England and Wales, so different locations may enjoy slightly different benefits, but the majority of our employees can enjoy the following:


The annual entitlement for full time staff is 25 days, and you can carry over up to 10 days into the following holiday year.  Your annual entitlement will rise to 30 days after you have been with us for 5 years. 


We are part of the Civil Service pension arrangements.  For new staff there are two pension schemes to choose from, giving you more flexibility when arranging your pension, so you can select a scheme that is right for your circumstances.  The two schemes are:

  • partnership pension account - a stakeholder pension (a type of personal pension) to which you can choose to contribute.  We will pay contributions into your pension fund whether you choose to or not, and these funds will be invested for you by your chosen provider.
  • alpha – is a defined benefit pension scheme. Details on the contribution rates can be found on the Civil Service web site.  We will also make contributions on your behalf.

You can find more information about our pension schemes on the Civil Service Pensions website.

Flexible working

We'll do all we can to help you find the right Work-Life Balance, and offer a range of flexible working options depending on your circumstances and local business needs.  These include the potential for part-time working, job share, home working, annualised hours and a compressed working week.


Many of our offices also operate flexitime systems.  This makes it easier to pop to the shops at lunchtime or get to the bank before closing time, provided you have worked up the hours on our flexi system. As long as you work hours to meet the needs of our business, you may be able to take an additional 2 days off each month.

Family Friendly Benefits

We recognise that life isn't all about work.  We offer significantly more than the statutory minimum periods for maternity, paternity and adoption leave, and provide support and a number of flexible working options for those returning from maternity leave.  We also operate a career break scheme for staff who wish to extend their maternity leave, take a long trip to visit family overseas or want to travel the world.

Salary advances

We can provide an advance of salary (effectively an interest free loan) to help to purchase a season ticket for public transport, sports/health club membership or IT equipment. Repayments are made through payroll over 12 or 36 months.

Salary Exchange benefits

By choosing to exchange a proportion of your salary for these benefits you could save tax and National Insurance on their value. Current options include Childcare vouchers and Bicycles under the Cycle to Work scheme.

Voluntary benefits

We've negotiated discounts with a range of partners, so that staff can enjoy benefits like discounted holidays, car hire and gym membership.

Employee Assistance Programme

Our Employee Assistance Programme is a free, confidential service that offers staff expert advice, information, specialist counselling, and support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Contact us for more on our benefits package. 


Last updated: 11th July 2017