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Current projects

Timber Mtb Trail build & Maintenance 2014 review:

This years’ achievements have included armouring approximately 1.3 miles of the Lime Burner as well as adding numerous berms and other small features to various sections. Blocks 122, 104, 126, 124, 125, 152, 150

The Pumptrack was completed (Block 45) and following some preliminary care it has bedded in very nicely.

We have improved the surface in some of the more regularly used pits, armouring soft spots, including The Bracken pit, Howes Run & The Skip.

We have also revisited various sections on the Beater Trail including Tightrope (Block 17 & 18), 39 steps (Block 49) and others to carry out maintenance and improve berms.

The inspectors have been busy helping to carrying out the regular monthly checks of the trails.

There has been a huge amount of groundwork put in to support Emma on planning of future projects and the overall longer term plan.

2015 - 2016

Next years’ plans will hopefully begin to be more ambitious and include installing more challenging features on the Lime Burner. This will include more substantial building work carried out with the aid of contractors which will help address some of the worst areas of the Lime Burner and installing some entirely new lines making the more of the forests undulations.

The main areas for improvement projects will be Blocks 105, 149, 97, 96 & 57 sections of the Lime Burner that have all suffered with massive erosion (some parts being 4 metres wide!). These areas will be carried out with the aid of contractors.

One of the first projects Timber will be planning to carry out will be armouring and realigning the Lime Burner trail exit at Block 101 and installing some rock steps and improving the approach to Madgetts Pit (Block 63) as well as continuing to improve currently eroded sections and carryout maintenance and repair where required.

Last updated: 10th July 2018

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