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Red squirrels


The Forestry Commission is working closely with a range of partners (Red Alert North England) to conserve the red squirrel in northern England. We provide funding and support to Save our Squirrels [external link] which is a major red squirrel conservation partnership project hosted by Northumberland Wildlife Trust.

Conservation work is being targeted in 7 areas that have been designated red squirrel reserves [pdf 1337k] and their surrounding buffer zones. We are managing those reserves that are owned by the Forestry Commission to conserve red squirrels.  Grants to help with red squirrel conservation are available in the non-Forestry Commission reserves. You can access all 7 reserve maps below:

  1. North Lakes Reserve [pdf 2473k]
  2. Harwood - Raylees Reserve [1635k]
  3. Kielder - Kidland - Uswayford Reserve [3216k]
  4. Kyloe Reserve [1333k]
  5. Sefton Reserve [1232k]
  6. Slaley Complex Reserve [1771k]
  7. Yorkshire Dales Complex Reserve [1835k]

A comprehensive independant review of Red Squirrel conservation activity in northern England was commissioned by Natural England with the support of the Forestry Commission and other partners in 2009.  The report can be viewed by clicking the link below:

Review of Red Squirrel Conservation Activity in Northern England [pdf 1221k]

In line with the recommendations in this report the Forestry Commission, Natural England and other partners are developing a new strategy for Red Squirrel conservation.

The tender for the Review of Red Squirrel Reserves in Northern England was advertised in October 2010 with the successful candidate, Strath Caulaidh, being appointed in early November.  Work started immediately with the final report expected by March 2011.