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South West Applicants' Focus Group

This group was set up in 2006 to improve liaison and working between the Forestry Commission, agents, woodland owners and land managers.

Terms of Reference

The Group will:

  • Discuss the Forestry Commission’s delivery of the English Woodland Grant Scheme;
  • Discuss issues arising from current working methods from both applicants' and the Forestry Commission’s perspective;
  • Explore possible improvements in working arrangements;
  • Discuss the uptake of grants – which are popular, which are not, and why;
  • Discuss proposals for future grants and implementation.


Mark Prior (Forestry Commission), Chair

Charles Dutton

Peter McDonald (National Trust)

Malcolm Allen (Woodland Trust)

Julian Ohlsen (Tilhill Forestry)

William Theed (Theed Estates)

John Wilding (Clinton Devon Estates)

Richard Gray (Fountain Forestry)       

David Pengelly (Canopy Land Use)

Bill Ayers (Ayers Forestry)

David Hunt (Wessex Woodland)

Guy Lowndes (Knighton Countryside Management Ltd)                                           

Members of the Forestry Commission's operational team will also attend meetings as required. 

Secretariat for the group is Daniel England, Forestry Commission, telephone 01626 890666.