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Please note that The RFF E News is not currently being published 

E-News - February 2010 (PDF: 468kb)

 Topics Covered include:

    • Woodfuel Fact Finding trip to Austria in March (only £150)
    • New Firewood Accreditation Scheme
    • Farewell to the South East Woodland & Timber Fund
    • Funding Opportunities
    • Climate Change Report
    • Dates of Conferences and Trade Fairs etc.
    • Training Opportunities
    • Industry Publications and Resources
    • Security of Machinery

E-News - August 2009 (PDF: 298kb) This newsletter contains articles on topics including:-

  • Public Forest Estate Study
  • Woodfuel Strategy for the Isle of Wight
  • Capital Funding for Forestry Update
  • Focus Topic  - Health & Safety Legislation

 E News - January 2009 (PDF: 915kb) Articles on topics included:

  •  New Audit for England's Natural Resources
  •  Government Policies and Procedures for Sustainable Timber Procurement
  •  RDPE - Training 
  •  Our Focus topic - Marketing  
Last updated: 24th June 2017